Hot Tapping

Nearly all pipeline materials can be Hot Tapped if you are unsure then please call or email Australian Hot Taps.

Tapping Sizes 12mm-600mm.

We generally provide a turnkey solution that is we attend site, weld or bolt a saddle to the pipe, install a plugged permanent valve for our clients use. This all completed without shutdown, draining, purging or isolation.

We will supply screwed or flanged valves to your specification or advise you of the option which best suits your needs.

Pipelines may contain:
* Water in all its variants
* Steam
* Condensate
* Gas/es
* Waste
* Oils
* Chemicals
It is important to measure the drilling distance so you don’t drill through the back of the pipe.
With a Hot Tap when we drill through the pipe the piece that gets cut out is called the “coupon” it is obviously important to retrieve it.