Hot Tapping

Performing a Hot Tap requires an attachment to a pipe or vessel. The attachments can be welded or mechanical fastened (Bolt-On Tees). Australian Hot Tap Fitting attachments are provided with flanged, butt weld, threaded and other special outlet configurations. A Valve is mounted to the hot tap fitting outlet and the assembly is pressure tested prior to performing the hot tap operation. Measurements of the attachment are taken and an under-pressure drilling machine (Hot Tap) is connected to the valve outlet. The Hot Tap Drilling machine will drill or bore an opening into the pressurized system, without shut-down, or spilling the system contents. Once complete, the Hot Tap cutting assembly is retracted, the valve is closed, and the machinery is depressurized and removed.

We generally provide a turnkey solution, that is we attend site, weld or bolt a saddle to the pipe, install a plugged permanent valve for our clients use. This all completed without shutdown, draining, purging or isolation. We will supply screwed or flanged valves to your specification or advise you of the option which best suits your needs.

Nearly all pipeline materials can be Hot Tapped if you are unsure then please call or email Australian Hot Taps.


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How Hot Tapping Works