Leak Repair

Using a variety of products that include Epoxy resins, fibreglass tapes coated with polyurethane resin or high performance silicone tapes Australian Hot Taps is able to offer a quick and effective solution to most leaks even under pressure, that are stopped almost instantly — including live weld repairs of leaking systems. These methods are employed on almost all pipeline material types with just about any material or gas inside them, with operating temperature ranges of -60° C to 200° C and pressures up to 2,700kPa.

As well as fixing leaks we also remediate and reinforce existing pipelines with thinning walls, provide a corrosion barrier & isolation and abrasion protection.

Quite often we manufacture a custom designed product to seal the leak, so whether the leak is on an elbow, tee, flange or straight piece of pipe there is a solution that can be employed under pressure. Clamps for many pipes are held in stock so an immediate response is often available.