Hot Tapping Is Cost Effective

Hot tapping uses less water and less electricity than other methods.

That makes it very cost effective.

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Hot Tapping Saves Time

Hot tapping means less downtime and less impact on site.

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Hot Tapping Is Good For The Environment

Hot Tapping is one important way we assist the environment every single time we perform a tapping whether it be at a multi storey building, a wing of a hospital, a shopping centre, university, school, airport or mine site.

Hot taping does not waste drinking water, uses less chemicals, and uses less electricity.

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Australian Hot Taps is Australia’s leading services Hot Tapping company. Australian Hot Taps has clients in all states and territories of Australia as well as the pacific Islands, we regularly fly in and out serving our clients.

Australian Hot Taps was established in 1996 and was the first company to be accredited by the office of Gas Safety (now Energy Safe Victoria) in 1998 to Hot Tap and Stop Off live gas lines.

Australian Hot Taps

We specialise in the Hot Tapping (also known as Wet Taps, Wet Tapping,Live Taps, Live Tapping, Under Pressure Taps, Under Pressure Tapping & UPT) of operating pipe lines , providing Hot Tap connections from 20mm through to 600mm. This means we are able to provide a valve teed into the existing operating pipe line without shutting, draining or stopping the flow in the pipeline.

Australian Hot Taps continues to innovate and are the only Australian Hot Tapping company that can provide size-on-size tappings on copper water lines (from 50mm through to 100mm), Install thermowells or thermometer pockets on copper water lines and do live Valve Insertions on Steel water lines (100mm through to 300mm) with the EZ2 Valve System.

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  • Hot Tapping

    We generally provide a turnkey solution that is we attend site, weld or bolt a saddle to the pipe, install a plugged permanent valve for our clients use. This all completed without shutdown, draining, purging or isolation.

  • Thermowells

    Australian Hot Taps innovative solutions include live thermowells, thermometer pockets, probes and flow meter installations in not only Steel lines but also in Copper and many other pipelines.

  • Line Stopping

    The way the EZ2 system has obsoleted traditional stopping and/or drain downs in the water market, we see as the future for regaining control of all under pressure operating systems.

  • Live Valve Insertion

    Live Valve Insertion on operating pipelines is exciting and a great advance on having to either fully drain down or do (2) line stops and then drain down, or freeze lines, then cut in a new line valve.

  • Piping Services

    Australian Hot Taps offer our clients Commercial and Industrial gas line sizing, Specialist gas reticulation high pressure, above and below ground, Off site steel fabrications, NDT of pipe wall thicknesses.

  • Testing / Purging

    Australian Hot Taps are experts at pressure testing gas lines- at high or low pressure, we have all the equipment including the latest digital nanometers, twenty four (24) hour chart recorders, “Washington Type” leak detectors, bourdon gauges and electronic leak detectors. As well as the equipment we have the experience of pressurising the line with nitrogen ensuring the test is on for the correct length of time then either signing off on the line or advising our client of a leak that they may wish us to or themselves to locate.

  • Leak Repair

    Quite often we manufacture a custom designed product to seal the leak, so whether the leak is on an elbow, tee, flange or straight piece of pipe there is a solution that can be employed under pressure. Clamps for many pipes are held in stock so an immediate response is often available.

  • Squash Offs

    There are times when other methods of stopping the flow are not possible or cost effective; sometimes the solution is to squash off. Download the following document for more information.

  • Pipe Freezing

    Pipe Freezing quickly and safely causes pipeline flow isolation, using liquid nitrogen to temporarily freeze fluid in existing pipes.

  • Gas Diversions

    We can do under pressure live gas diversions on most gas pipelines. With our expertise in live tapping’s, squash offs and purging. We take care of it from start to finish without any interruption to the gas services.

What is Hot Tapping?

Hot tapping, or pressure tapping, is the method of making a connection to existing piping or vessels without the interruption or emptying that section of pipe or vessel. Hot tapping is also the first procedure in line stopping, where a hole saw is used to make an opening in the pipe, so a line plugging head can be inserted. Hot tapping can be performed on pipes carrying natural gas, water, sewage, steam, petroleum products, and chemicals, and on most types of pipe.