Australian Hot Taps is Australia’s leading services Hot Tapping company located out of the Yarra Valley, Victoria. Australian Hot Taps has clients in all states and territories of Australia as well as the pacific Islands, we regularly fly in and out serving our clients.

Australian Hot Taps was established in 1996 and was the first company to be accredited by the office of Gas Safety (now Energy Safe Victoria) in 1998 to Hot Tap and Stop Off live gas lines.

We specialise in the Hot Tapping (also known as Wet Taps, Wet Tapping,Live Taps, Live Tapping, Under Pressure Taps, Under Pressure Tapping & UPT) of operating pipe lines , providing Hot Tap connections from 20mm through to 600mm. This means we are able to provide a valve teed into the existing operating pipe line without shutting, draining or stopping the flow in the pipeline.

Australian Hot Taps continues to innovate and are the only Australian Hot Tapping company that can provide size-on-size tappings on copper water lines (from 50mm through to 100mm), Install thermowells or thermometer pockets on copper water lines and do live Valve Insertions on Steel water lines (100mm through to 300mm) with the EZ2 Valve System.

Australian Hot Taps provides Hot Taps on Steel, S/S, Copper, PVC, Polyethene, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Cast & Ductile Cement Lined, AC and all manner of pipes. The Hot Taps are made into Chilled Water(CHW), Heating Hot Water (HHW), Potable Water (DCW) (DHW), Condenser Water (CCW), Steam, Condensate, Gas, Compressed Air, Chemical, Cooling Water and various waste product lines.

Please look at our range of products and services and remember Australian Hot Taps is No 1 for Environmentally Sustainable Pipeline Solutions.